Welcome to the Henk Vogels Cycling Foundation


The Henk Vogels Cycling Foundation has its roots in Fremantle, Western Australia. In 2001 members of the RSBCA (Royal South Beach Cycling Association) met to form the Foundation.  The Foundation was incorporated in 2002.

The Foundation’s original purpose was to collect and provide funds for promising Western Australian cyclists so that they could prepare for and compete in National or International cycling competitions, giving them the chance to achieve the levels attained by Henk Vogels OAM.

RSBCA members have provided their time and expertise voluntarily (since 2001) to establish and manage the Foundation. Since its inception the Foundation has provided funds for a number of promising young cyclists who have competed in national and international road and track championships.  Some have become world champions and Olympians.


The Foundation has expanded it’s focus in recent times to encompass all levels of cycling including recreational, elite and disabled cyclists.

The current objectives of the Henk Vogels Cycling Foundation include:

  • Promoting, encouraging and fostering the sport of cycling at recreational and professional levels.
  • Promoting, encouraging and fostering talented junior cyclists.
  • Promoting and participating in joint initiatives with other cycling associations or not for profit associations for the benefit of cycling as a whole.
  • Raising money and accepting donations to be put towards achieving the objects of the Foundation including receiving and applying monies from the Australian Sports Foundation or other like institutions.